Innovative remedies to injustice.

Social Justice Week 2021: August 2 - 6, 2021

The first annual Social Justice Week took place August 2nd to 6th via Zoom. It featured community and academic panels, speakers, art exhibits, workshops, and testimonies on the theme of Criminal Justice Reform.

Special guests included Jerry Blackwell, Newark Mayor Ras BarakaTamika Mallory and Until FreedomDr. Yusef Salaam (One of the Central Park 5), the Mothers of the Movement, and local activists Tony Lewis and Angel Gregorio.    

Our goal was to illuminate the issues, obstacles, stereotypes, police violence, and other acts of injustice that have tormented black families and plagued the community in recent years. We covered everything from the criminalization of black bodies, that can lead to unfair and inhumane community responses, to policing.

Throughout the week, we highlighted the themes that connect the various instances of injustice in the judicial system.

We will provided a common platform for survivors, activists, family members, educators, and medical and legal professionals to share their experiences and insights with the wider community. Finally, we will collectively explored solutions to mitigate this pressing problem in our community and ways to sustain our spirits in this journey.

We are concerned with educating society and developing the critical consciousness people need to analyze injustice in their own communities.

The Howard University Social Justice Consortium (SJC) is a cross-organizational, cross-institutional, interdisciplinary partnership that is concerned with educating society and developing the critical consciousness people need to analyze injustice in their own communities and develop innovative and collaborative action-oriented remedies.

The SJC has three pathways to increase community knowledge on this topic, including supporting social justice research, art, and activism. However, its most significant is its effort to democratize access to knowledge.

Dr. Nikki M. Taylor
Principal Investigator
Chair, Department of History

College of Arts & Sciences
(202) 806-6815
Email: nikki.taylor@howard.edu 


Howard University Receives $5 Million for Just Futures Initiative from Mellon Foundation Grant

January 21, 2021 | Written by Howard Newsroom Staff

WASHINGTON – The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded Howard University $5 million for its Just Futures Initiative. Howard was one of 38 universities invited by the foundation to submit proposals for “visionary, unconventional, experimental and groundbreaking projects in order to address the long-existing fault lines of racism, inequality and injustice that tear at the fabric of democracy and civil society.” Sixteen proposals were selected out of 165 submissions.

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